Montrose, Colorado


Ski telluride 2018

It's hard to believe but the 2017-2018 ski season is upon us! Perhaps you haven't thought about staying in Montrose while skiing Telluride but we believe there are a few good reasons you should! 


  1. Save Money - That's right, even though there is a bit of a beautiful drive to the mountains, staying in Montrose will still leave you with extra $$ in your pocket. When you realize that you can save sometimes $150 or more per night just in room fees it doesn't take long to realize you can pack a lot more adventure into your trip for less!
  2. Enjoy the Scenery - Well this time of year it's hard to take time to smell the roses, but oh the vistas you can breath in on your journey can really energize your spirit! I mean if you aren't skiing Colorado to take in it's beauty, well you're doing it wrong!
  3. Save even more Money! - Besides saving on your room bill, your wallet will stay fatter when you dine, and shop in Montrose as well! And we have some amazing eateries, bistros and breweries to round out your trip. Who knows you may save more than enough to pay for that lift ticket!


 So do yourself a favor ski Telluride for the experience and stay in Montrose to save some of those hard earned dollars!